DS106 Digital Storytelling

Okay, so below is my first post to DS106, I’ve JUST gone to explore and seen the daily create!  I was flabbergasted to see it’s an acrostic poem,  this first rhyme isn’t acrostic, well not in English anyhow, but I wrote a poem for the first posting ‘coz it said not to be boring and I am a bit sick of this is my first post blarblarblar.  I am now going to do the first make i.e an acrostic poem after this one, as it’s the task and I’m exploring so better get acrosting….(is that a word? if not it’s a new word I’ve made)

Here am I

Wondering why

I’ve ended up here

Please lend me your ear

Perhaps I need you to look?

Coz this isn’t a book.

It’s a digital story

Is that like  Jackanory?

Or could it be  something that’s new?

I’m wondering what I’ll do?

So much to question

Will it become an obsession?

I’m busy already……..

so i’ll be taking this steady

I’ve heard MOOCing is catching

I’ve found I’m attaching

To learning that’s open

In something that’s massive

It’s not for the passive

It’s for those who connect

and  those who can select

for people who can choose

Let’s go –  I’ve nothing to lose!

This is my opening to DS106 I decided to be poetic….or at least rhyme anyway,lol.

I’m new to this MOOCing so please be gentle 🙂  you seasoned MOOC’ers!

Acrostic Poem:

Network Community

O is for open, Open Access to all

P is for people, making artifacts small

E is for enjoyment for that’s what it’s for

N ‘s for new learning that isn’t a bore

C is for connections we make with each other

O is for online we can now meet together

U is for useful the tools we discover

R is for rehash the content we find

S for seeing the world from afar

E is for eclectic for that’s what we are

M is for meeting friends old and new

A is for awesome the things that we do

S is for somewhere we need to make our mark

S again gives meaning as we find who we are

I is for individual I’m vital too

V is for voices as we discover anew

E is for everyone should be included

O is for open access no one be excluded

N is for needed worldwide connection

L is for linking for worldwide direction

I is for in this world we’re together

N is for new ways we learn from each other

E is for everyone  on one Open Course that’s Massive  and  Online

Hope to connect soon!