This blog is for DS106 which is for the Open MOOC as part of H817 which is part of the OU course I’m undertaking which is part of my CPD which is part of my affiliation with the IFL which is part of my continuing professional development phew!Network Community  Like a MOOC within a MOOC within a MOOC then!  How far can that go and is this a virtual reality within another within another, I’m sure there was a film like that with dream states and dreams within dreams, I didn’t follow the film very easily, I hope I understand this better.  All you need to know is, I’m open to change, I’m open to make connections, I love learning, love teaching and I’m passionate about my job!  Actually, I’m passionate about most of what I do, especially if I’ve chosen it!  Enjoy my musings, my struggles and my frustrations!