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I am a Mum to three beautiful beings (2 boys 1 girl), I am a teacher specialising in ICT, Learning to Learn and Action Research. Also, an organisation Chief Exec, Director of two charitable organisations, one assiting citizens lost between services, those who don't have a way forward, or those with complex situations, the other a counselling charity. The helping services have been called the glue that holds other services together for clients. We achieve this essentially by communicating with all services and agencies which may be involved in a client's situation and ensuring everyone is working toward the same goal from different directions. The organisation is self-referrable but we receive referrals from GP's, Mental Health Charities and a wide range of both statuatory and non-statuatory services. We have clients from all walks of life those with disabilities, mental health conditions, learning difficulties, emotional difficulties, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, social phobias and most prevalently autism spectrum conditions to name just a few. Many have co-exisiting issues and all are stuck; initally. Volunteers assist with finding a way forward. Be that benefits applications, support with obtaining housing, assistance with obtaining referral for diagnosis, and much more. Concurrently they support each client in the creation of a lifespan plan detailing hopes for the future. These plans are then put into action and often include moving into education, training, work and volunteering. We work with the individual at the centre of the process . Our running costs come from assistance from our sister organisation which provides support services for disabled individuals in education and on a day to day basis. Income generated by this provision goes back into providing a more widespead service geographically and in supporting our free help services to co-exist and support more people. We currently assist around 300 clients at no charge. The seperate but financially supporting learning support organisation currently help learners across Yorkshire within higher education. Providing recommended support encompassing training in asssitive software, Specific Study Mentors, Study Buddys, Asssitance around Univeristy, Note Takers and Research Assistants. As well as Director and Trustee of the larger Yorkshire Counselling Charity, our assistive services realised the need for longer term integrative humanist based counselling and psychotheraputic services. These began a year ago delivering services to those individuals awaiting counselling and psychotherapy they had been referred for, is expanding as quickly as income allows and currently holds a waiting list for clients local to our head offices on the North Coast; with plans to expand as funding allows. I'm a keen reader, a technological nerd and have complex disabilities myself. My favourite activity is spending time with my children, we love playing borad games, as well as console video games and my second passion is learning. I'm privately collecting letters after my name.....well, not so privately now, just to see how silly it can become. I only use them on offical communication but more seriously it is through continued learning I have developed my life, my work and my love of studying. I talk far too much and I am as stubborn as a mule. When this works for me it's tenacity, when it doesn't it's stubborness but it has enabled my progress through many difficulties and I'll keep it for now. I am real and down to earth and I can't stand lying. I love laughing and I beleive love makes the world go round. Not hearts and flowers love, but true love for another being and showing unconditional positive regard for everyone on the planet is my daily endevour. I aim every day to learn something and I consistently aim to be an improved version of myself through that learning. I am fallible and fail but in our organisations we have a saying "we can fall over as often as required, we just don't fall off" the path we've chosen. If a fall happens, we get up again with help if we need it and carry on as before; avoiding the portholes as we go!

DS106 Digital Storytelling

Okay, so below is my first post to DS106, I’ve JUST gone to explore and seen the daily create!  I was flabbergasted to see it’s an acrostic poem,  this first rhyme isn’t acrostic, well not in English anyhow, but I wrote a poem for the first posting ‘coz it said not to be boring and I am a bit sick of this is my first post blarblarblar.  I am now going to do the first make i.e an acrostic poem after this one, as it’s the task and I’m exploring so better get acrosting….(is that a word? if not it’s a new word I’ve made)

Here am I

Wondering why

I’ve ended up here

Please lend me your ear

Perhaps I need you to look?

Coz this isn’t a book.

It’s a digital story

Is that like  Jackanory?

Or could it be  something that’s new?

I’m wondering what I’ll do?

So much to question

Will it become an obsession?

I’m busy already……..

so i’ll be taking this steady

I’ve heard MOOCing is catching

I’ve found I’m attaching

To learning that’s open

In something that’s massive

It’s not for the passive

It’s for those who connect

and  those who can select

for people who can choose

Let’s go –  I’ve nothing to lose!

This is my opening to DS106 I decided to be poetic….or at least rhyme anyway,lol.

I’m new to this MOOCing so please be gentle 🙂  you seasoned MOOC’ers!

Acrostic Poem:

Network Community

O is for open, Open Access to all

P is for people, making artifacts small

E is for enjoyment for that’s what it’s for

N ‘s for new learning that isn’t a bore

C is for connections we make with each other

O is for online we can now meet together

U is for useful the tools we discover

R is for rehash the content we find

S for seeing the world from afar

E is for eclectic for that’s what we are

M is for meeting friends old and new

A is for awesome the things that we do

S is for somewhere we need to make our mark

S again gives meaning as we find who we are

I is for individual I’m vital too

V is for voices as we discover anew

E is for everyone should be included

O is for open access no one be excluded

N is for needed worldwide connection

L is for linking for worldwide direction

I is for in this world we’re together

N is for new ways we learn from each other

E is for everyone  on one Open Course that’s Massive  and  Online

Hope to connect soon!